Marina listened to me, understood my point of view, focused on what was important to me, and did not judge me. Marina is amazing and very dedicated to her job. Thank you I will certainly be recommending you.

Tania V. Client

Thank you. Caring for 2 people is very stressful at time. I am truly grateful for all the help you have provided me. It makes me feels as if someone cares for me.

Anna Maria C. Client

It was good to be able to talk to someone other than family. Marina understood my needs and helped me with letting go off trying to control my son and his drug addiction. I am so much freer now as Marina helped me see that there is a different way than what I have been following for the past 30 years. Highly recommend Marina.

Teresa G. Client

Hello, thank you for helping me through my grief. Although I will never be rid of the pain and sorrow of losing my soul mate, you helped me through the toughest time of my life. Thank you again.

Donald J. Client

Thank you for all you did. Words can't describe how much it helped to get me back on track.

Patrick Client

My counsellor Marina, was very warm and comforting, understanding both our opinions and actions with suggestions moving forward on how we can get a better understanding of each other. Highly recommended.

Anthony M. Client

Marina guided me in the right direction while facing and trying to accept life's difficulties. I always felt that I could speak freely without any judgement being made. Today I am four months drug free, have realized that drugs only masked the misery. Marina helped me to get to know myself again and obtain my self-worth.

K. E. Client

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help so far. Life seems to always throw a few curve balls, but thanks to our catch-ups I feel much more equipped to handle them now. Regardless of when we see each other next, again thank you. I have learnt and discovered so much that would not have happened without your understanding, empathy, compassion and guidance, which I'm sure your future clients will appreciate and receive the benefits from.

Michelle H. Client

I have worked with Marina in my capacity as a lecturer and clinical supervisor during the time of her study as a Master of Counselling Practice student at Tabor College. After her studies, I have continued supervising the work she is doing as a professional counsellor in private practice. It is my observation, Marina is well placed to journey with people who engage her services as a counsellor, not only because of her educational achievements, but more importantly because of her commitment to being a lifelong learner. As a committed learner with a focus of ongoing personal and professional development, she is willing to examine everything, including herself. Marina has learned to accept her humanity, take responsibility for mistakes, and to learn and grow from the failures and challenges that come with being human. Her rich mix of training, life experience, and strong commitment to evidence-based practice, qualifies her as a competent and authentic counsellor.

Brian Gabriels Senior Lecturer in Counselling, Coordinator Counselling, Tabor College of Higher Education

We came to couples counselling because we needed to do something as it just wasn't working anymore. There were constant arguments, criticism, shut downs, cold shoulders and misery. During our time, we learnt many things which resulted not only in better communication but us working together rather than apart. Marina was warm, non-judgmental and always listened. Marina maintained a safe and trusting environment where we both felt comfortable to share whatever it was that we needed to say. We never thought it would have been possible to be where we are today. A new beginning. 10/10

Stefano and Sara Clients

I found Marina's perseverance remarkable. Her ability to bring me back to confront my issues were excellent and her challenging me to take action was just what I needed.

Bruce T. Client

Marina helped me with the issue that I needed help for. I highly recommend her because of where I am today,

Requested anonymity Client

I can't believe how different and amazing my life is today. I finally can be the real me. Thanking you so much for all your help and guidance.

Michelle V. Client