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Marina has knowledge and experience in a variety of work settings including leadership roles, mental health, crisis intervention, abuse, grief, loss & trauma, relationships, and addiction rehabilitation and recovery. She is a qualified and professionally recognised forensic mental health specialist. Through her own journey and life experience Marina is compassionate, empathetic and non-judgmental and is able to relate and understand the issues faced by individuals today.

Marina focuses on bringing hope to those suffering and helping individuals rebuild their lives and live a rich and meaningful life. Marina has worked with individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds, in one on one, couples, and group settings, working with abuse, addictions, mental health illnesses, family of origin, anxiety & stress, trauma, grief & loss, shame, self-esteem and life-transitions.

Qualifications and Training

Master of Social Work from Flinders University
Master of Counselling Practice from Tabor College
Master of Forensic Mental Health from Griffith University
Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Charles Sturt University
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University
Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
Endorsed and Accredited Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

Professional Memberships

PACFA Reg. Clinical Mental Health Practitioner 23699
Association for Contexual Behavioural Science
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology
Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association
Australian Association of Social Work 469628


Matthew Clarke

Matthew is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has worked in various counselling roles and management positions. His knowledge and experience of counselling is extensive allowing him to provide appropriate interventions that address substance misuse, loss & grief, depression, anxiety, criminal thinking, addictions, youth/adult mental health, anger management, trauma, conflict resolution, workplace stress, family problems and personality disorders. Matthew has a client centred approach that focuses on understanding an individual’s story and helping them to address problems within their life through proven evidence-based interventions. His interventions consist of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS).

Matthew is compassionate in his approach and has an ability to tune in to clients’ needs to ensure that individuals receive the support they require. Matthew has experience working with individuals/families/couples/Aboriginal community and groups across all ages and nationalities. He has an interest in helping individuals reach their full potential and addressing their problems through the utilisation of Focussed Psychological Strategies. Matthew also provides Clinical Supervision to practitioners all over Adelaide to ensure they provide the most appropriate interventions with their clients and have a space to debrief.


Qualifications and Training

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, AASW
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Planning, Flinders University
Completing Research on Clinical Supervision, Flinders University
Diploma of Justice Administration, TAFE SA
Intensive Co-Morbidity Training around Mental Health and Substance Use
Various training in CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy and Narrative Therapy
Ongoing professional development on Evidenced Based Interventions

Professional Memberships

Australian Association of Social Workers – 435236
Department of Human Services – Medicare


2017- AASW Conference Tasmania – “How Clinical Supervision Can Benefit Your Practice and Service”
2019 – Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association – “Aboriginal Community Courts”
2019 – AASW Conference Adelaide – “Are you receiving the Clinical Supervision that you deserve”


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