The Prepare/Enrich Parenting Version Programme guides you through the challenges of parenting and the intersection of marital and parental dynamics. This program helps in raising awareness and building relationship skills. The Parenting Version empowers you as parents and provides you with insight into your parenting style, family dynamics, and couple relationship. This program is best used with you as a committed couple whose primary concerns are your children and parenting issues.

Goals of the Parenting Version
  • Explore strengths and growth areas as partners and parents
  • Strengthen communication with your partner and children
  • Identify and manage parenting stress
  • Discuss parenting styles and how you work together as a team
  • Resolve couple and parenting issues
  • Increase parenting confidence and satisfaction


Program coParenting Versionntent includes

  • Parenting Stress Profile
  • Co-Parenting or Step Parenting
  • Family Spiritual Beliefs (optional scale)
  • Family Map
  • Global Parenting Styles Scales
  • Parenting Styles – by Child
  • Confidence in Parenting
  • Child Behavior Issues Checklist
  • Family Communication
  • Family Satisfaction
  • Relationship Satisfaction by Child
  • Communication Satisfaction by Child

Take the first step and book an appointment to meet with us at which time we will explain the program, and provide you with details on how to take your online Personalized and Customized Version of Prepare/Enrich The Parenting Version. We will meet for a minimum of four sessions at which time we will facilitate and provide you with feedback and skills to address issues in your relationship, designed to help you as a couple to better understand yourselves, your partner, and your parenting.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us on 8448 1106.