Life transitions are a natural part of your life where change takes place. Sometimes the transition can be good, e.g. the birth of a child, marriage, but sometimes it may not, e.g. car accident, loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship. Life transitions can be intensely emotional and sometimes stressful and challenging to go through. Sometimes you may be able to manage life okay, but then there are times that you may need to reach out and seek help.

Life Transitions examples include:

life transitions building a bridge• Accidents (e.g. at work, car)
• Assault (physical, emotional, psychological)
• Attending school
• Bullying
• Buying or selling a home
• Coping with Separation
• Disability – NDIS
• Divorce
• Forced Adoption
• Getting engaged / married
• Grief and loss
• Having a child
• Health issues
• Natural Disasters
• Parenting
• Pregnancy
• Postnatal depression
• Relationships
• Significant financial gain or loss
• Starting a new job
•  Starting school, college or university
• Workers compensation

Different feelings and emotions may surface during any time of your life, and at times they can be intense, such as sadness, anger, exhaustion, frustration, confusion, guilt, or even anxiety about the future. These reactions will lessen over time, and with help, you will be able to get the emotional support you need during this challenging time and obtain new skills to successfully deal with the challenging time in your life.

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