spending addiction

Spending Addiction is defined as a pattern of chronic, repetitive purchasing that becomes difficult to stop and ultimately results in harmful consequences. It can be described as having the compulsion to spend money, regardless of the need of the item, or financial means.  Also known as compulsive shopping, it is a mental health disorder which can cause severe consequences.

Compulsive buying is experienced as an irresistible uncontrollable urge, resulting in excessive, expensive and time-consuming retail activity typically prompted by negative feelings resulting in gross social, personal and/or financial difficulties. Shopping addiction has many of the same characteristics as a substance abuse addiction in terms of the effects it has on the addict which include:

  • Spending too much money when you don’t have it to spend
  • Shopping to get over pain and social anxiety
  • Anxiety over shopping
  • Feeling guilt or anger after a previous over-spending session
  • Decreased self-esteem resulting from unintended over-spending
  • Loss of relationship resulting from over-spending

Signs of shopping addiction

  • Overspendingspending addiction
  • Compulsive purchases
  • Chronic shopping
  • Lying about the problems
  • Shopping guilt
  • Broken relationship due to the shopping


spending addiction

Signs of Debtors Addiction

  • You have a ‘life for today, don’t worry about tomorrow’ attitude
  • You frequently don’t return borrowed items
  • It is difficult for you to meet your financial responsibilities
  • You love buying items on your credit card vs. cash
  • Your closet is full of new clothing with the tags still attached

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